We're looking to expand, and we need dynamic staff to do it

We are actively looking to expand the team from early 2023.  If you are looking for Part time or Full Time roles and are interested or experienced in the following : 

  • Chaperones (Based anywhere in the UK, Must have DBS and Chaperone Licence)
  • Teachers :  including
    • Acting Coaches,
    • Dialect Teachers
    • Workshop Leaders 
    • Performing Arts Staff, 
  • Professional Actors or Performers with professional training and credits,
  • Teachers with any LAMDA or Trinity Teaching experience
  • Please state if you are SOUTH WALES or SURREY Based  but we are always looking for Online Staff too.

Please let us know, by contacting [email protected] today.

Please send [email protected] a short cover letter introducing yourself, your experience and your preferred role at Mark Jermin along with any CV, Spotlight Links and Information which suggests that you’re a brilliant candidate!

Work can be flexible, The team have an excellent Industry reputation and the roles are well paid. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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