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Are you an actor? Are you a parent of a child who loves performing? Do they dream of a career in the world of showbusiness? Do you want to know the ins and outs of what is going on in the world of entertainment? The weekly gossip of what has been casting each week? The Dos and Don’ts in Casting and on set ettiquette?
This podcast is for you! 

Get the industry gossip on the Pushy Pushy podcast!

Mark and Nia Jermin from Mark Jermin and Mark Jermin Management offer weekly insight into their lives of running a Theatrical agency and Acting and Performing Arts School.
This is an informal weekly chat offering tips and advice to any budding Actor who may be in the throngs of their career or just starting out. This accessible podcast is light hearted and fun whilst giving the weekly scope on agenting and acting in the entertainment industry. 
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