The Mark Jermin Monologue Slam

Welcome to The Mark Jermin Monologue Slam 2024! 

Our Summer term at Mark Jermin is annually focused on Acting and Monologue work. We encourage actors to participate in our annual online Acting competition and have been running our “Slam” for 4 successful years. 

Each year the Monologue Slam has grown in size and prestige, with finalists and actors using The Other Palace and RADA Studios London as their platform for performances. 

This year sees Mark Jermin produce both an Online Acting competition via our MJ Virtuals Online Acting classes as well as an In Person Full Day Slam style event: MJ Slam Fest 2024 at one of the UK’s leading Drama schools ArtsEd.

An amazing platform to showcase solo acting talent

Each year during our Summer Term, we host The Mark Jermin Monologue Slam via our MJ Virtuals classes – our annual Acting Competition and stand-out platform for any aspirational actor looking to improve and showcase their Acting skills and Monologue delivery.

Each Slam is open to a range of actors with age specific categories for children, teens and younger actors as well as categories for actors aged over 18 and above licensing age.  

ANY ACTOR can join our MJ Virtuals classes each Summer term and is therefore welcome to enter The Mark Jermin Monologue Slam with  complimentary entry as part of the Term’s fees/classes

We encourage any Actor looking for some creative inspiration or whom may be wanting to put themselves out there to get involved. The MJ Monologue Slam really is the place to be seen!

Online Comp or In Person SlamFest?

Each event has huge benefits for Actors. 

By choosing the ONLINE Comp you have the aid and support of regular classes and training of MJ VIRTUALS in the lead up to the competition. Our team will fully prepare you for your Monologue performance, advise with choices best suited to you, your casting bracket and strengths as an actor as well as fine tune your choices and performance. 

By choosing to attend MJ Slam Fest (our in person event!) allows you a jam packed day with you BEING IN THE ROOM with Casting Directors and Creatives. It also allows you to work on and perform both SOLO and SCENE Work.

By entering The Mark Jermin Monologue Slam, you’ll have the opportunity to meet industry professionals such as directors, casting directors, writers and production teams. Many of our past entrants and Finalists have secured excellent professional roles since being involved in our Monologue Slam. 

You’ll receive feedback from these creative judges following your initial performance and battle it out amongst other contestants.

By performing for a range of Industry creatives you can use this platform to not only build confidence and enhance creativity but to showcase your talent and make industry connections to potentially gain auditions and roles (via representation by Mark Jermin Management) in professional stage and screen television and film projects. 

Missed our 2023 Monologue Slam event? Or want to revisit the outstanding performances and drama?! Watch our latest highlights below.

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