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Acting Through Song with Nia Jermin

Join West End Performer Nia Jermin for classes aimed at improving your singing, story telling, general musical theatre knowledge and build up a repertoire of songs for your next audition, college application or performance!

West End Performer Nia Jermin (Mark’s sister and fellow Theatre School director) continues to provide “Acting Through Song” classes for our students who enjoy and want to improve on their singing, story telling, general musical theatre knowledge and build up their repertoire of songs.

What is Acting Through Song?

These are singing classes where students workshop, explore the lyrics, the meanings behind each song, play with its staging, performance techniques and really get the most out of the songs they will be working from. The aim is to find unique “not usually sung for Musical Theatre” songs and encourage students to explore new shows and unique songs to other performers within their casting type.

Each student will be given songs suited to their age, their range and casting, And these workshops will be an excellent way of improving and adding to your repertoire folder of Musical Theatre Songs which can then be used for auditions, performances, talent shows and cabarets etc.

Students will also be aided with Backing tracks, Lyrics and Sheet Music for each song as well as options of performing each song to suit them, or to suit a multiple of audition breakdowns. I.e. A Song that can be performer in multiple accents or to suit various characters…. (Many West End Performers only have the 4 – 5 songs in their rep and sing them for ANY Audition! They just adapt their small rep folder to suit the roles / shows they are going for!)

  • The classes will run for 75 minutes in small groups on Mondays or Tuesdays online via the app Zoom
  • Each group will be organised into similar age and each group will work on a number of Musical Theatre songs suited to them… each class will work on the same song, meaning students can take direction, notes and ideas even when they’re not singing! Watching, Listening and taking a director’s notes is equally valuable and helps mould incredible performers.
  • The classes run for 12 weeks each Term. 
  • You will have the same Day / Time slot and be part of the same group each week

Please also let us know if there are any times on Mondays or Tuesdays that you can’t commit to.

We will then confirm your time and date ahead of your first session next Term

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The next enrolment for these classes will be JANUARY 2021.

For any existing or returning students to The Mark Jermin Stage School, Just email and register your interest for these sessions by emailing: [email protected] or fill in the form below.

For New Students wanting to try these classes, Simply fill in the form below. Enter your information and our team will be in touch ahead of the New Term or next available class to confirm your place. 

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If you have any questions you can call us on 01792 458855 or email [email protected]