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Mark Jermin Stage School students have the opportunity of gaining professional experience in film, television, theatre and commercial work via the agency. Mark Jermin Management is a talent agency specialising in young, up and coming talent. Mark Jermin Management is one of the UK’s leading and largest agencies with one of the strongest reputations in representing the brightest young talent.

The agency represents both children and professional actors and actresses from all over the UK in all theatre, film, television and commercial productions. The business merges well with the stage school as students are trained, represented and directed under the same umbrella.

Mark Jermin Management is a fully staffed agency. The agency office is open from 9.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday. The agency remains open throughout school holidays and is busy throughout the year. Mark Jermin Management can be contacted by: 

TEL: 01792 45 88 55

EMAIL: info@markjermin.co.uk

Mark Jermin Management is a separate business and division on the Mark Jermin brand.

Students who regularly attend classes often reap the rewards of professional work and engagements. All teaching staff regularly feedback the progress of students and the agency prides itself upon suggesting and casting the right child for the right roles. Knowing each student's skill set and ability plays an integral part in the success of our students landing the right job!


Who can join the Agency?
All Mark Jermin Stage School pupils may join the Agency, although this is not imperative. The agency should be seen as an additional extra and is not compulsory for students.

Spotlight is an independent internet linked casting service used by casting directors and producers both nationally and abroad. Without an entry in Spotlight, we are not able to offer your child for professional engagements. Photographs and CVs are updated annually and casting departments cross-reference our suggestions for parts before calling children to audition.

Going to auditions
The majority of auditions take place in London at studios, or occasionally at our own school. Pupils are taken to auditions and on shoots by parents or by our own licensed chaperones and the chaperone's expenses are paid for by the parents of children attending the casting/shoot. Parents are responsible for their own child's fares whether travelling via public transport, hired minibus, coach or if a chaperone's car is used. Chaperone's are licensed by their Local Education Authority.

It is sometimes possible for the parent to act as a chaperone. Past experience has shown that children work better on set when accompanied by a chaperone rather than a parent and chaperones are fully aware of laws pertaining to children in the industry. Chaperone fees on engagements are paid by the Studio or Management employing the child.

The Mark Jermin Stage School have a team of licensed chaperones who can chaperone students on professional work, performances or auditions.

The school's commission is between 15 - 20 % of the gross rate including all chaperone fees, (the gross includes all spin off payments and residuals). VAT is chargeable on commission.

Mark Jermin training makes a considerable impact on our success rate. See our clients page for a list of some of the professional work our students have undertaken and are currently involved in.


Children have starred in thousands of television commercials, promo's and voiceovers, and students have performed throughout Europe at some of the most famous venues in the world.

For more information on Mark Jermin Management please visit www.markjermin.co.uk/management