The 2023 Christmas MJ Push Pop! A London Pop-Up Masterclass and live “Pushy Pushy” Podcast recording!

London Pop Up Masterclass and live Pushy Pushy podcast recording.

Saturday 9th December 2023

Actors American Church
79a Tottenham Court Road 
London W1T 4TD

10am – 1pm : Acting Masterclass for actors 17 years and under

1.30pm – 4.30pm : Acting Masterclass for actors 18 years and over

6.15pm: Live invited audience Podcast recording of Pushy Pushy: The Christmas Special!


 Join Mark and the Mark Jermin Management team for a one-of -a-kind screen acting masterclass that combines all of the elements you need for success… From group and paired improvisation, script work, an exclusive Q&A, a chance to showcase your talent in front of our agency team, a screen acting masterclass with our professional acting coaches plus all of the industry insights you’ll need from Mark himself as he answers all of your burning questions!


After your in person screen acting masterclass with the team, your weekly hosts of The Pushy Pushy Podcast will transform the stage in to their very own podcast studio by hosting a LIVE recording of the pod! You are invited to an access all areas audience where you can be part of the buzziest industry inspired podcast in the UK . Ask all of your burning questions, hear the latest gossip from the hearts of MJ HQ and gain industry insight as Mark, Nia, Andrew & Hannah (alongside some special guests) provide your evening’s entertainment!


When?!  Our masterclass and LIVE podcast recording will be taking place on the 9th of December 2023- perfect to get you in the Christmas spirit!

{Ages 17 and under: 10am-1pm}

{Ages 18+: 1:30pm-4:30pm}

{LIVE Podcast recording: From 6.15pm onwards}

Where?!  This POP & PUSH experience will be taking place in London‘s city centre! Address: American Church, 79A Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TD. Nearest Stations: Tottenham Court Road or Goodge Street. 


For this special dual in person experince, students can either join us for both our POP & PUSH experiences or pick just one!

Join us for ONLY our Pop-Up masterclass for just £43.50


Join us for BOTH our POP & PUSH experiences for just £50


Join us for JUST our LIVE Pushy Pushy Podcast recording for just £10 per ticket


Join us with Entry to our Pop Up Class & the Live Pushy Pushy Podcast recording PLUS an additional guest or parent entry to the Podcast recording for £60

Please ensure you fill out the correct form below for your choice. There are 4 “Ticket and Registration options” below in the following order:

  • POP (ONLY) – Book for  Entry to Pop Up Masterclass (£43.50)


  • POP & PUSH – Book for Entry to Pop Up Masterclass and 1 x (Pop Up Participant) Entry into the Pushy Pushy Podcast recording (£50.00)


  • PUSH (ONLY) Book Just to attend the Pushy Pushy LIVE Recording (£10.00)


  • POP & PUSH PUSH Book for Entry to Pop Up  Masterclass, 1 Pop Up Participant Entry to Podcast Recording & 1 X Parent Entry / Additional Guest to Podcast Recording  (£60.00)

 You will then be taken through to the payment page to complete your booking!

POP ONLY: Join us for our Pop-Up Masterclass! (£43.50)

POP & PUSH! Join us for both our Pop-Up Masterclass AND our LIVE podcast recording! (£50.00)

PUSH ONLY! Join us for our LIVE podcast recording of Pushy Pushy only! (£10.00)

POP & PUSH PUSH! Join us for 1 X Entry to our Master class and 2 x Entries to our LIVE podcast recording of Pushy Pushy! (£60.00)

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