Local Lockdown Update: Students can Travel for Sporting and Supervised Activities

It is good news for all Welsh students currently enrolled in our IN PERSON Classes, As of Friday 16th October, the First Welsh Minister has lifted the restrictions in allowing Children to be able to travel to and from local lockdown areas to partake in their Sporting and Supervised activities.

The full link is here: 

“This change will apply to anyone under the age of 18, and they will be able to be accompanied by one responsible member of their household over the age of 18 if required for transport etc. The WSA has confirmed with Welsh Government that the regulations also allow volunteers & coaches, who are required to facilitate activities for under 18s to travel.

WSA members should still encourage clubs to make provisions that minimise travel across lockdown area boundaries by adults – including utilising alternative locations, and where possible using adult coaches/volunteers from the local area. If this is not practical then adult coaches & volunteers will be able to travel, but only to facilitate activities for under 18s

The changes will apply to sport, as well as other activities such as dance and drama classes. “

Activities including Sports, Theatre, Dance, Gymnastics are vital to young people’s wellbeing and mental health and it is imperative that organisations can continue to deliver their sessions to ensure the development, growth and training of the next generation.

We are delighted that The Mark Jermin Stage School operates under these activities and will continue to deliver our in person sessions following our own Covid Risk Assessment and Covid prevention policies.

For any parent or student who may be isolating, or still feeling anxious about returning to class, please don’t worry! And feel free to speak to our team about your alternative training options so you don’t have to miss out!